Discussion Groups of Interest to Arts and Media Professionals

List Servers host Internet discussion groups.

The method of subscribing is standardized and automated: Send an E-mail message to the address of the List Server; Leave the "Subject" field blank; In the "Message" field, type SUBSCRIBE [List Server name] [yourfirstname lastname], e.g. SUBSCRIBE VIDEOLIB JANE DOE Do not include any other words or punctuation in the Message area (i.e., no signature, comments, etc.). You will receive an E-mail acknowledgement when your subscription has been accepted, and you will shortly begin to receive E-mail messages posted to the list.

Your subscription acknowledgement usually includes instructions/protocol for participating in the List Server, and instructions for how to unsubscribe. It is a good idea to save these instructions for future reference.

Some List Servers are open only to members of an organization; others are open to anyone.

Some List Servers are moderated, which means that messages are reviewed by the List Server moderator before posting to the list.


Access Method: Send subscription message to: listproc@sunbird.usc.edu Message: SUBSCRIBE CCUMC-L [firstname lastname]
Contact: emcmike@sunflowr.usd.edu
Originating Body/Author: Consortium of College & University Media Centers (CCUMC)
Intended Audience: Members of CCUMC
Description: A forum for announcements and discussion of issues of concern to professionals working in college and university media centers nationwide.

NGDA-L (National Graphic Design Image Database at the Cooper Union Discussion Group)

Access Method: Send subscription message to: majordomo@cooper.edu Message: SUBSCRIBE NGDA-L [firstname lastname]
Contact: Richard Goodman
Originating Body/Author: The Cooper Union, New York, NY
Intended Audience: Graphic design students, designers and artists
Description:To promote discussion on visual analysis related to the National Graphic Design Image Database. CUIMAGE software enables participants to access and input images and analysis from web sites worldwide. The project aims to build a virtual visual encyclopedia through an electronic community of educators. Additional information on the project is available at http://wwwcooper.edu/art/lubalin


Access Method: Send subscription message to: listserv@library.berkeley.edu. Message: SUBSCRIBE VIDEOLIB [firstname lastname]
Contact: Gary Handman (ghandman@library.berkeley.edu)
Originating Body/Author: American Library Association Video Round table
Intended Audience: Video librarians in all types of institutions
Description: Discusses concerns of video librarians, including video collection, access, and use. Participants engage in lively debates on such issues as copyright, evaluation of materials, pricing, impact of evolving technologies, etc., and often post appeals for information about how to obtain hard-to-find titles. The focus is more on software content and professional issues than on hardware. See the Media-L List Server for discussions of equipment and production/delivery systems. Moderated List Server. Videolib is restricted to exchanges concerning professional issues. No commercial announcements are allowed, and violators who attempt to promote their products here are bounced off the list.


Access Method: Send subscription message to: listserv@library.berkeley.edu. Message: SUBSCRIBE VIDEONEWS [firstname lastname]
Contact: Gary Handman (ghandman@library.berkeley.edu)
Originating Body/Author: American Library Association Video Round Table
Intended Audience: Video librarians in all types of institutions, distributors, vendors
Description: While Videolib is strictly professional and non-commercial, the Videonews List Server permits distributors and others to post announcements of new releases and other resources of interest to video librarians.

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For an extensive (but not comprehensive) list of Internet discussion groups, see "Tile.Net/Lists" at


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